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Kings Residences

A new ambitious housing project is going to be developed in the Upper Princess Quarter on St. Maarten DWI.

The plan is to recycle shipping containers and convert them to residential and business locations.

At Kings Residences you will experience sustainable and eco focused living. About 10 homes will be constructed out of recycled 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers defined as the Eco Container (EC) home. Each container home will be self-sufficient when being hooked up to:


  • Solar & Renewable energy system
  • Waste management system
  • Waste water management system
  • Biogas system


The advantages of these EC homes are:

  • They remain mobile homes (they can be moved any time!)
  • Great steel structures which makes fabricating a home fast and cheap!
  • Earthquake & hurricane challenged.
  • Being self-sufficient by producing own electricity and gas. And harvested water through waste-water, grey water, rainwater and groundwater will be treated in order to be recycled.

This project is called "Kings Residence".
It's slogan:  Eco Living  your newest Habit(at) at Kings Residence

A donation provides the possibility to purchase an used shipping container in order to build an EC Home to rent. 

Pledge to backup
A pledge means you will back this project to make it a success.