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Welcome to Marlin Yard

  • Small Effort
    Makes Big Change!

    The Keys Market, Kings of The Sea Drive, Sucker Garden, St. Maarten DWI
    Since 2018 the 1st local market built out of recycled and repurposed materials.
    Own a share in The Keys Market, a simple way to support each other!
  • You Can Make A
    Help people affected by disasters big and small
  • Invest in a shipping container unit
    We modify shipping containers into Eco Homes and Eco Business Units (EBU) that are hurricane
    and earthquake challenged and fire resistant. These Eco Units can be modified into self-sufficient
    units providing their own energy resources. Invest in either an Eco Home and or an EBU and
    experience the benefits and or create an extra income!

Make a difference!

Please help us change lives!

Learn how your help can improve health, boost local economies, empower women, and give kids more time in school.

Do something crazy to raise money for communities.

Do something crazy to raise money for communities.

Put your donation and or investment to work.

Put your donation and or investment to work.

We are helping with

Build Back Better in Hurricane beaten St. Maarten

Community projects that encourage locals to become self depended. 

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Featured Campaigns

Build Back a Better SXM - Sint Maarten, an autonomous country within the Kingdom of The Netherlands, was devastated by hurricane Irma in 2017. The island is building back better with the help of several organisations. Marlin Yard is also contributing to the rebuild by investing in a project called "The Keys Market" that offers locals business and job opportunities.

How To Help?

Learn about the opportunities we are working on that help boost locals to gain confidence to become self-sufficient again. Your input, investment and or donation creates opportunities which in turn creates jobs and business opportunities.

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Click on one of the campaign of your interest.

Donate or Invest

Make a donation or invest and or join our volunteers group to work at our projects.


Help us create and share these opportunities.

Save The Earth

Think and Be Eco. Help us Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose waste. Together we can create beautiful yet sustainable things.

Rebuild of Vicky's Keys Hostel

Latest Campaigns

Vicky's Keys Hostel is the only eco-focused hostel on St. Maarten DWI. This island was devastated by hurricane Irma in 2017. Although the hostel building sustained the hurricanes, windows and doors and the property gardens got damaged and lots of debris was accummulated on the premises. And water and electricity got reinstated after 4 months. Form 7 September 2017 until 1 February 2018 volunteers worked on the hostel. Lots of debris got cleared up and the food gardens are worked on. Vicky's Keys Hostel is back up up and running.

Huidige US$ 1.000,00
Doel $ 800.000,00

Health & Wellness and Refuge Shelter Dome

Hurricane Irma on 6 September 2017 proved the fact St. Maarten needs a safest possible place during disaster.

439 Days to go - 0.1% Funded
Huidige US$ 3.500,00
Doel $ 400.000,00

Kings Residences - EcoZ Apartment

Eco Living  your newest Habit(at) at Kings Residence on St. Maarten DWI


219 Days to go - 0.9% Funded
Huidige US$ 1.500,00
Doel $ 350.000,00

The Keys Market St. Maarten

SXM 1st local market build out of recycled materials - The Keys Market 

439 Days to go - 0.4% Funded

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